Accommodation at the KKRoudnice site

 Currently a central chalet with capacity for 11 people is in operation. On the first floor we offer 2 rooms with four beds each, and in the communal area in front of the rooms are three beds. On the ground floor is  a large sitting room, shared kitchen and a washroom.

The campsite also has 2 log cabins with 5beds and 2 new log cabins with 2x7beds. Of course you can camp with us or park up your motor home and use the large washroom.


 Central cottage           2xHuts/Cabin           2xNew Huts



Price list


Central cottage: max 11person 

- 1 person/day 350 Kč
  - Heating /day (wood) 200 Kč



New Huts: max 2x7person 

- 3 person/day 1000 Kč

+1 person/day

- Heating /day

200 Kč

350 Kč




Huts: max 5person 

- 1 person/day 200 Kč
  - Heating /day 350 Kč




- 1 person/day - child under 6 years FREE 100 Kč
  - Caravan/day 150 Kč
  - Electricity connection/day 200 Kč
  - Tents, small(1-4 Person)/day  100 Kč
  - Use of toilets and showers by the users of the canal without accommodation – person/day 20 Kč
  - Parking in the camp 100 Kč
  - Parking in the camp, trailer 50 Kč
  - Booking of the lower part of the central cottage/day 1000 Kč
  - Grill / day 100 Kč


Booking of the canal is done through the following form

Request booking of the accommodation at :

The operator reserves the right to cancel the booking anytime

Prices valid from 1th January 2023 until revoked.


Recommended accommodation


We recommend you accommodation in the Sport hotel BK Pod Lipou, located 500m from the canal. The hotel offers a sporting hall, training room, table tennis room, gym and wellness centre.
In the summer, you can also use a beach volleyball court, tennis court, soccer field (incl. artificial grass) and other sport facilities.

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