Accommodation in the area of canoeing club Roudnice nad Labem

We are now able to exclusively offer you accommodations in our camp. Nowadays, we have one functioning central cottage with two rooms, each containing four beds, kitchen as well as washrooms. We also have 2 huts available, each containing 5 beds. Naturally, it is possible for you to camp or park a caravan in the area of canal, and you will also have access to the main washroom.



Price list:

Central house   - 1 person / day 220 CZK
   *in case of  accommodation just for 1 day is surcharge 30 CZK  
  - heating / day 50 CZK
Hut  - 1 person / day 150 CZK
   *in case of  accommodation just for 1 day is surcharge 30 CZK  
  - use kitchen in centr. house / day 50 CZK
  - heating / day 100 CZK
Camp - 1 person / day 100 CZK
  - caravan / day 100 CZK
  - connection of electricity / day 50 CZK
  - use kitchen in centr. house / day 100 CZK
  - use WC and  shower user of course without accom.  man / day 10 CZK
  - rent ground floor of central house / day 1000 CZK


For reservation of accommodation use the form on or send an e-mail [email protected].

Pricelist is valid from 25st. of the March 2019 until further notice.


Recommended accommodation

We recommend accommodation in the Sport hotel BK pod Lipou, 500 meters from the canal. One of the parts of the hotel is a sports hall, small gym, room for table tennis, larger gym or wellness centrum.

During the summer months, beach volleyball court, tennis courts, as well as football fields with synthetic turf and many other sport related facilities are available for you.





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