Slalom course - price list

Price list for using of slalom course

Type of the boat :
1 Hour
Slalom / Sprint :
80 CZK
  3 000 CZK
Rodeo :
80 CZK
3 000 CZK
Raft for 2 persons :
100 CZK
3 000 CZK
Raft for 3+ persons :
300 CZK
6 000 CZK
Raft for 2 persons (commercial) :
150 CZK / hour
Raft for 3+ persons (commercial) :
300CZK / hour
Rescue, Police or Fire exercise :    
1 500 CZK / Max 3 Hour
Price for lease of complete course (only for sports clubs
to organize competitions) :
10 000 CZK / weekend
5 000 CZK / day
Prominent lease of complete course :
1 000 CZK / hour      
All users are required before start of the training on the slalom course to buy at the camp manager a valid ticket.
All users are required to follow a training schedule for that week placed on and respect dedicated training sessions.
Reservation of training to perform slalom course use the form on (Slalom course - Training schedule) or send an e-mail [email protected]. Operator reserves the right at any time to cancel the reservation and to specify the length of training.
Price is valid from 1st. of the 1.June 2018 until further notice.
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