Slalom course - regulations

Operating Rules artificial slalom tracks in Roudnice n / L

1. Slalom track object

The slalom channel is used as an artificial slalom track with a degree of difficulty WW 3 - 4.
The pass is 12 m wide, 350 m long and is situated on the right bank of the Elbe. The start of the slalom channel at the flap closure is provided with an entry signaling. If the light is on, the pass is out of service and the flap is manipulated.

2. Movement in the waterworks area

Due to the danger of life threatening in the VD area (overpass, weed construction and underground), it is forbidden for slalom runners to enter the weir constructions and approach the boats near those parts of the weir.
The movement of traffic participants in overpass and underground areas is limited by yellow-painted buoys. It is strictly forbidden to enter the weir's protective zone.


3. Operators

Vessels must be guided by persons who are physically and mentally competent, are familiar with Vessel Management techniques and with the wording of these Operating Rules. To increase safety, everybody is required to use a helmet and a life jacket with a carrying capacity according to the rules of canoeing, both in training and at races. Traffickers must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other narcotics.


4. Obligations of participants

1. During operation all participants are required to observe all safety instructions of the operator's personnel. All participants are aware of driving at their own risk.

2. Persons under 18 can only train on the track in an organized group under the supervision of a coach.
3. Every athlete is required to report to the facility manager prior to training and to pay a fee for the use of the slalom channel.

4. In the case of a public channel on the channel to change the Goal setting / placement, it is necessary to return to its original state. A violation of the order may be punished by a fine imposed by the controller.


An athlete who fails to comply with these conditions has no right to practice on the track.
The operator of the Canoeing Club Roudnice nad Labem, z.s., is not responsible for any damages resulting from the training and other sporting use of the slalom track (personal injury or damage to ships).


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